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Silicone Sea Creatures ​ Handmade sea creatures made from skin safe platinum cure dragonskin silicone. These can be used for many DIY projects including jewelry and other accessories! They can also be added to mermaid tails just use silicone or silpoxy to stick them on. Creatures options are as follows: Starfish (4 options) Seahorse (3 options) Fish Turtle Shell (9 options) Barnacles (2 options) Octopus Sand dollar (2 options) Chiton plumeria (3 sizes) Hibiscus Small flower (cluster or single

Silicone mermaid scales

Silicone mermaid scales These mermaid scales are handmade using skin safe, platinum cure silicone. they are stretchy and durable and are available to order in custom colors. Pricing: 1 - $1 25 for $20 100 for $80 250 for $200 save 10%! 500 for $425 save 15%! 1000 for $800 save 20%!


Silicone Mermaid Cuffs Custom Sizes Available $45 each, $80 a pair


Large Silicone starfish and shells for DIY mermaid tops ​ These Starfish and shells are handmade from skin safe, platinum cure silicone and can be added to DIY mermaid tops using silicone or silpoxy to adhere them. ​ Solid color starfish 40$ each $75 pair Full Color shifting Starfish $75 each $125 pair Silicone shells (Classic shells, Lion Paw Shells, and Sand Dollars available) $40 each $75 pair * solid color or 2 colors marbled ​

waist wrap

Silicone Waist Wrap Custom Sizes and Colors, $100+