Kids sizes Entire tail is the same fabric - please let me know if you prefer matte or shiny colors and if you have a specific shade of the chosen color in mind. swimmable mermaid tail costume, comes with a built in monofin for swimming. The monofin can be removed but I recommend leaving it in the tail permanently. *These tails are handmade by a professional mermaid with safety in mind. Each tail only uses a monofin made by a professional swim equipment manufacturer. Made from spandex and Lycra fabrics, they are made to order so if you want a color that is not listed please select the custom color option and I will work with you to find the perfect fabric. You can choose the finis mermaid fin, the mermaid linden monofin by body glove, or the new finis mermaid dream fin. Pickup is an option, I live in the city of Myrtle Beach. Shipping cost is included in the priceTails will come with a care instructions sheet. Please read safety info below.IMPORTANT! SAFETY HAS TO BE NUMBER 1! tails on amazon, wish, Ali express, and bonanza are mostly unsafe options that can injure or drown you and sometimes they are even stolen art! Ensure your child is in a safely made tail with a proper monofin.FOR STRONG SWIMMERS ONLY!SWIM AT YOUR OWN RISKNEVER SWIM ALONE

Custom swimmable fabric mermaid tail (kids 6+)


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