Things you probably didn’t know about professional mermaids

1.) The tails are heavy and expensive

Weighing 20-50 pounds each with a price tag of $1500-$5000+, silicone mermaid tails are custom pieces of swimmable art that are the most realistic mermaid tail option.

2.) The Water is probably cold

The weeki wachee mermaids swim in a natural spring where the water is 72 degrees year round. Aquariums are usually in the same range. (68-72) While 72 might be nice for an air temp, as a water temp, that is COLD! Pay attention and you might see the mermaids shivering a little at aquarium meet and greets.

3.) It’s a lot harder than you would think

Swimming for long periods of time, repeatedly, for months, in a heavy prosthetic mermaid tail can and will cause pain. Blisters, bruises, cramps, muscle pain and soreness, burning eyes, dry skin, hair damage, and even sprains are common.

Pretending to be happy and comfortable while you are in pain is tough enough without interacting with kids at the same time. Kids ask all kinds of crazy questions and you have to be prepared to answer them quickly and appropriately. If a kid asks “how do mermaids have babies?” You have to be able to come up with a reasonable yet family friendly explanation. If there are multiple Mermaids you have to keep your story straight and make sure your answers match up.

4.) Mermaiding is for everyone

Mermaiding is a verb meaning “to swim in a mermaid tail” and it’s a popular trend right now. Anyone ages 6+ who is a strong swimmer can Mermaid with proper equipment and enough practice.

5.) Not all tails are safe

There are some tails being sold on places like amazon and wish that contain dangerous and improper monofins. These fins aren’t proper swim equipment and can seriously injure or even drown you.

Only trust tails containing monofins made by companies that make professional sports equipment (such as finis or body glove.) Or brands endorsed by professionals such as finfun Or mertailor.

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