Tail Prices - Why So Much?

I’m a nice person, but there is no way to say this that doesn’t sound rude, so I’m just gonna say it.

If you have a job and you do work of any kind, you get paid for your work. If you can make $10 an hour working in a drive thru, I need to get paid at least $20 since I spent years and thousands of dollars to gain the skills needed to make the tails.

If you hire an artist to make you a tail, you have to pay the artist fairly for their work, this is included in the price of the Tail.

So to break it all down;

the cost of buying the materials + the cost of the labor for the artist to turn those materials into a tail added together = to price of the tail.

I am going to give you an example; (these are rounded for math purposes)

Skin safe silicone – 1 gallon unit = $200

Neoprene = $50

Pigments and glitter = $30

Misc. materials, things like gloves, and stirring sticks = $30

Monofin = $30-$50


Materials cost = $360

Labor – minimum of 12 hours of work X 20$ an hour = $240


Total Cost = $600

Basic Silicone tails cost $600. If something happens and I have to redo it, I lose money buying new materials. If it takes me more than 12 hours (and most of the time it does) I’m working some hours for free.

If I paint a design on the tail that’s another $100 In materials for the paint and then $25ish in paint supplies and all that goes into an airbrush I paid for, connected to an air compressor I paid for.

I also spent around $200 in materials an over 25 hours to make the molds that I need in order to make a basic tail. This was my own money that I spent as business startup and this isn’t factored into the cost of a basic silicone tail. That was 25 hours I had to work for free before I could even start making basic silicone tails.

If I lower the price of my tails, I am working for free. That’s not cool. I have bills to pay (including an extra $100 a month in rent for an extra room because I need a 2 bedroom apartment in order to have a workshop for making tails)

I offer the absolute cheapest option for a skin safe and high quality silicone tail. Basic silicone tails I make start at $600 plus shipping. No hidden fees. I also make fabric tails, those start at only $80 making them the cheapest option for a safe to swim in mermaid tail that has a monofin from a professional swim equipment manufacturer.

Please remember that you must have a safe tail.

Basic Silicone Tail Made By Haley Mermaid

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