Super Important Info if you Want to be a Mermaid

This is super important information for anyone who wants to buy a mermaid tail!!!!


Tails are only for strong swimmers and you should NEVER swim alone, you should learn proper technique with a monofin then get a fabric tail then you can upgrade to a silicone tail.


Mermaid tails are expensive because materials are expensive and time is money (so people have to get paid to make them). If you see a tail that is way cheaper than all other tails you are looking at, question it! There are tails out there that are cheap and not safe to swim in! There are tails that are made from improper materials that can harm you! buy from a tailmaker who can prove they use the correct materials that are safe. Fabric tails shouldn't be under $75. $100-$250 is the average for a safe fabric mermaid tail. Silicone tails under $600 are not made from skin safe silicone.


silicone tails costs thousands and each tail is made to be a unique and realistic piece of art. These tails take a long time to create and are so much work to make! Imagine if you spent thousands of dollars on your unique dream tail and then someone took a photo of it and made cheap and unsafe copies of your tail. this is actually happening! Finfolk Productions is having a major problem with photos of their silicone tails being stolen and printed onto low quality fabric tails with unsafe monofins (that can actually break and send shards of plastic into your feet.) that's why it's so important to do research! If you buy a tail that is stolen art just because it's cheap you are giving money to the criminals who stole that art and that tells them that what they are doing is ok, IT IS NOT OK TO STEAL ART OR SELL UNSAFE TAILS!

Thank you for reading these important tips and I hope this helps you in your journey to become a mermaid ❤️

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