Avoiding Stolen Art and Unsafe Tails

Safety is the #1 concern when being a Mermaid! you need a safe tail with a safe monofin.

You should NEVER buy a mermaid tail that isn’t brand name. If the tail doesn’t have a monofin inside that is made by a professional swim equipment manufacturer, I can’t recommend it as a safe option; unless it is (Finfun or Magictail brand). I highly recommend Finis brand monofins and the Mermaid Linden Fin made by Body Glove.

NEVER buy a mermaid tail from AliExpress, Wish, Bonanza, Amazon (unless its Finfun brand, or Mertailor brand), or Ebay (unless it’s a brand name tail being sold). Only buy tails from tailmakers with brand names and websites. Following this rule will prevent the purchase of stolen and unsafe tails.

Stolen Art and Knockoff Tails

So you hire an artist to make you a unique and beautiful silicone mermaid tail, you spend between 3 and 5 thousand dollars and you get your tail and it’s a dream come true! …But then, someone in another country takes a photo of your tail from the internet and prints that photo onto super low quality tails and starts selling stolen copies of your unique and very expensive dream tail. The original artist who spent countless hours and specialized skills to create that tail by hand, gets no credit or $. It gets worse...

The tails aren’t safe. The monofins that go in these monstrosities are not safe at all, sometimes you tie your feet into them which means if there is an emergency, you can’t get out. They break and send shards of plastic into your feet sometimes causing permanent damage.

Stolen art is never ok; stealing someone’s dream tail to make a profit is horrible. Because the artists are in America and the scum that steal them are in different countries, mostly China, there is nothing that can be done to stop them because of sucky international copyright laws.

If you want to help stop the thieves and protect people from unsafe tails, spread the word!

There is a video on the Haley Mermaid Youtube channel with some examples of knockoffs and some examples of safe and unsafe monofins. This is Super Important information!

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