6 ways to save money on mermaid tails

First it’s important to note that not all tails are safely made and you MUST make sure you have a safe monofin inside your tail!

read why some tails aren’t safe and why you shouldn’t buy tails from places like amazon here:➡️https://www.haleymermaid.com/huge-sale


1.) Sam’s club $36 special

In the summer Sam’s club stores carry Finfun brand tails in kids sizes only for only $36! These have the monofin inside making them the absolute cheapest you can get a safe tail.

2.) Coupon codes

Many mermaid influencers have coupon codes that will save you money when ordering mermaid tails. There are some examples below:

Finfun save 10% with code “FLISH”

Mertailor save 10% with code MERMAIDVLOGS10, TCMERMAID10, or RAINA10

3.) Giveaways

Some mermaid tail giveaways happen throughout the year. Want to win a free tail? Follow @finfolkproductions and @finfunmermaid on Instagram to keep up with the giveaways. Finfolk typically does a giveaway to celebrate each new seasonal tail release and Finfun does a design contest where the winner gets a tail.

4.) Buying secondhand

There are many places in the mermaid community to buy mermaid tails secondhand. Facebook groups for buying, selling, and trading tails, the classifieds section of mernetwork, even a swap meet at the mermaid convention. You can also check eBay, Facebook marketplace, and Mercari. Search the brands “Finfun” “suntail” “mertailor” “magictail” and “finis” and you should get some options for monofins and tails.

5.) Holiday sales

Finfun does a few holiday sales and you can save big by ordering on Black Friday

6.) DIY mermaid tail

If you can sew you can save money by making your own fabric tail. Make sure you have a safely made and proper monofin that’s extremely important! Sometimes you can save money by finding used Finis, Finfun, or mermaid linden brand monofins on eBay or Facebook marketplace. A safe monofin for a mermaid tail typically cost $30-$150. Learn more about monofins here: you can often get good deals on spandex and Lycra fabrics at places like Joann fabrics and Walmart. You can make your own fabric tail in a kids size for as low as $40

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