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Mermaid Tops

Custom made silicone mermaid tops start at $200 plus shipping

Custom made with a bra as a base, tops are
made with platinum cure, skin safe, dragonskin silicone.


Custom colors choose up to 3 colors (additional colors and complex designs will be an extra charge)


glitter can be added for no additional charge.


Color changing elements can be added for an additional charge.

base styles
1.) seaweed
2.) scales
3.) scales and sequins

4.) starfish or shells

Straps can be
1.) strapless
2.) clear straps
3.) seaweed straps
4.) scale straps

5.) rope straps

6.) lace, wave, other decorative straps

Sea creatures can be added to your top
*starfish (4 styles)
*sand dollars (2 sizes)
*shell (8 styles)
*sea horse



Additional charges

Extra colors ($10 each)
Color change (including Opal) ($25 for a little bit, $100 for full top)
Sizes bigger than 38D ($50)

To Order Something, Please Send Me an Email


Scale Top


Strapless Scale top with Starfish


Shell and Starfish top with seaweed base


Seaweed Top with Starfish and seaweed straps


shell top with fin straps and filagree

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