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Made By A Mermaid Tails are made from only the finest materials and each tail is handcrafted by Haley Mermaid who has almost 12 years of experience as a tail maker. Tails are custom made to your measurements and design. 



Important Info!

*all tails are made using platinum cure dragon skin silicone which is high quality and skin safe! 

*all prices shown are in US dollars

*I do accept payment plans 

*I do not begin making tails until payment is received in full and final design is signed off on! Production time depends on the type of tail! Production time does not include the time it takes to design the tail, production time begins after final design is signed off on.

*once production begins, no major design changes are permitted! (Different colors, pattern, etc) 
*mermaid tails are ONLY for experienced swimmers and should be used cautiously, never swim alone! Safety first! Haley mermaid is not responsible for any injuries! Swim at your own risk! 
*due to the custom nature of this product, there are no refunds or exchanges.

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